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Women's watchesQuartzAnalogueCase material: steelBracelet: leatherWater-resistant
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Unisex watchesQuartzDisplay type: arrows and digitalPlastic caseBracelet: rubberShockproofWater-resistantAlarm

It's hard to believe that only 100 years ago a true gentleman would never wear a wristwatch. In those days respectful men preferred exquisite golden pocket watches that highlighted their status and privileged position and so called "bracelets" on the wrist were for ladies only.
It has been not so many years since that time but now wristwatches are so popular and desired, that almost every person on the planet owns one, even children do. And even a rapid development of technologies and the invention of a mobile phone with a clock couldn't fully supersede a wristwatch from our lives. Many online stores specialize in selling watches where anyone can pick one in the comfort of their home.

What does a watch say about its owner?

A watch isn't just showing time, it indicates its owner's status and good taste. Your watch can say a lot about you to other people.

  1. A cheap watch shows that the owner is a person of a low income or simply one who doesn't pay much attention to their appearance.
  2. A sport watch worn at inappropriate times indicates its owner's intention to look manlier or more aggressive. It also concerns watches sitting on metallic wristbands. Leather wristbands are usually chosen by more sophisticated people.
  3. Watches designed by famous couturiers or fashion brands are preferred by people who follow fashion trends or want to highlight their unique style. Nowadays anyone can get a brand watch.
  4. Those who long to lay special emphasis on their individuality or original taste often pick watches in intricate shapes or custom models.
  5. More conservative and reliable people tend to wear round watches.
  6. A Swiss watch if chosen carefully can be a result of a stylist's work or indicate an organized or meticulous person.
  7. A gem-incrusted watch demonstrates its owner's wealth.
To feel confident in any situation we recommend you to pick a few watches depending on your lifestyle – one for daily use, special events, classic business watch, sport watch for travelling and activities and so on.

How to choose a right watch?

So there's no doubt that any person must have at least one watch in their disposal. But how can one possibly choose a right watch from such a great variety of models, brands and manufacturers? It just makes us dizzy!

Well, before buying a wristwatch, examine a few variants and then choose one following some criteria:

  1. Mechanism. Mechanical watches, though requiring more careful treatment and everyday winding up, are still extremely popular and durable (one can use them for decades). Quartz watches are more accurate and don't require much attention, but depend on a battery. Electronic watches work on a quartz movement and their specifications are similar to quartz models.
  2. Case material is one of the key elements in choosing a particular watch model. Durable and solid case is usually made of stainless steel or latten alloy. Titan is a material for a very expensive watch; it's solid and quite light. But be careful! A real titan watch costs a pretty penny, at this point a cheap titan watch is most probably forged. Plastic if really of a good quality can compete with more expensive materials.
  3. The wristband of your timepiece defines the comfortableness of its daily use, so you have to be especially careful choosing it. A classical material for a wristband is genuine leather – it looks exquisite and businesslike. Though be ready to buy a new one every six months. A bracelet from gilded stainless steel is highly-durable and as a rule it follows the case material. Despite its high price a titan wristband isn't the best choice. A golden watch is quite heavy and liable to mechanical damage. Silicone or plastic bracelets are more used for children's watches, as these materials aren't durable.
  4. Functionality. Modern watches have a vast amount of different features that you haven't even heard about. But except their main function of displaying time it's nice to have some additional features that simplify our everyday life. As an example, we can name a glowlight which helps to distinguish time even in complete darkness. An installed alarm clock won't let you oversleep if your smartphone has suddenly run down. A calendar will be extremely useful for those with a strict timetable, but for this function one should choose the watch with a quartz movement. Chronographs have two time systems. They help to record, admeasure time, and keep up with a time of the day simultaneously. This function will be of a great use to sportspeople. Another useful feature of mechanical watch is a power reserve indicator that shows remaining time to complete stop and the need for winding up. This kind of indicator in quartz watches is also quite useful showing remaining time to battery discharge.
  5. These are the key features that one should pay attention to if one hadn't still decided what kind of watch to buy.
  6. Many people choose watches by their appearance. In this case, they have to rely on their own taste. Though a person should always pick a design appropriate for this or that situation. One shouldn't use one watch for every occasion.

When you have already determined the main features of your perfect watch, it's high time to choose a particular model and the store where you'll purchase it.