Breitling A1337111/BC29/168A

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Breitling A1337111/BC29/168A WATCH TECH SPECS

Brand: Breitling
Series: A1337111/BC29/168A
Gender: men's
Movement: mechanical
Caliber: Breitling 13
Source of energy: spring mechanism
Figures: non
Display type: analogue (arrows), 12-hour time format
Skeleton: not specified


Glass: sapphire, with anti-reflective coating
Shockproof: not specified
Water-resistant: yes, WR300 (30 ATM)
Inset: not specified
Case Material: stainless steel
Material of Bracelet/Strap: stainless steel
Dimensions (width, height, thickness): 48x17.7 millimeters
Watch weight: 150 g


Accuracy movement: not specified
Sport-function: stopwatch
Date display: date
Additional functions: not specified
Built-in lights: hands
Chronometer: not specified
Tachymeter: not specified
Chronograph: yes
not specified


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Replica or original?

Original watches of which replicas are made are usually popular and expensive models meant for business people (of higher income). They are encrusted with gems or precious metals. Original models go all the way to the stores under manufacturer's strict control and partaking which results in high-quality goods.
These watches differ from other kinds in a few aspects:
1. It's really expensive, possesses an individual production number, and has an engraved brand's emblem on the crown.
2. For its production precious metals and materials like gold, silver, platinum etc. are used.
3. It's created with an exceptional accuracy.
4. The movement is assembled by hand and the owner receives manufacturer's warranty.
5. Original elite watch is very expensive and aimed at highlighting one's status and social position.

The copies of brand watches we see in stores are much less expensive than the original elite model of the high quality made by experts.
Here are key facts about replicas:
1. There are no hidden signs that confirm the originality (genuine) of the model.
2. Less expensive materials are used.
3. Replicas of a low-quality don't possess the characteristics and features of the original watch.
4. Have a different movement that often isn't very durable. Have a short-termed warranty.
5. Replicas have ten times lower price than originals though they aren't cheap.


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